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Presented by Dr. Frank Springob


Dr. Frank Springob, chiropractic physician, educator and author of Bugs in My Brain, Poison on My Plate, is the co-developer and instructor of the Morphogenic Field Technique. With more than four decades and 400,000 patient encounters in clinical practice at Boulevard Natural Wellness in Port Angeles, Washington, Dr. Springob’s focus has been on chiropractic techniques supported by clinical nutrition, herbs and homeopathy. He has a Bachelor of Science and a Doctor of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic and has taken over 100 post-graduate courses in foundational and clinical nutrition concepts.

Join us for a unique seminar developed by muscle testers for muscle testers. Morphogenic Field Technique specializes in developing specific nutritional protocols that augment an individual’s energy signature, or morphogenic field (M-field).

The M-field is first quantified to give the practitioner an objective assessment of the patient’s energy output.  This testing procedure determines which specific nutritional interventions (dietary changes or supplementation) are needed to increase the size of the M-field.

After noting the initial M-field measurement, specialized MFT test kits – Foundation, Morphogenic Protein, and Immune/Autotoxemia Kits – are utilized.

The final step in the MFT Basic Procedure is the re-measurement of the M-field.  With all of the nutrients available “in the field”, the practitioner demonstrated to the patient how his or her energy has grown.

The seminar is divided into two days. The first day is the basic seminar, learning how the field technique works and how to measure the field. The second day is devoted to more advanced practitioners. This ADVANCED session of the Morphogenic Field Technique delves more deeply into specific nutritional testing that augment an individual’s energy signature, or morphogenic field (M-field).  The complexity of the more challenging patient is detailed within this course as well as expanded means of testing these patients.

12 CEUs for DCs in WI, IL, IN, and MI

12 CEUs for LAcs through NCCAOM